For decades, families lost their sails.
Everyone in the families is eager to jump ship as the ships are going nowhere.
And the saddest part is, people jump ship to become slaves of the society.
A society that is full of lies and false promises.

Fathers are discouraged, and despaired.
Mothers are overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.
Children are untrained, and frustrated.

It doesn’t have to be this way and it is certainly not what God has originally designed.
We can rebuild our families in a biblical way.
We can rebuild our families,
so that the fathers can work alongside his wife and children,
and pass on the faith, values and heritage to the next generation;
We can rebuild our families,
So that the wives can help their husbands in building the Kingdom of God,
And nurture the children in truth and love;
We can rebuild our families,
So that the children are well trained and educated by their parents through the Word of God,
And are prepared to serve and be productive.

Our vision is that, families can once again proclaim God as Lord in every way,
By working, praying, playing and serving together every single day,
Starting from the place called Home.