DVD Purchase

DVD Purchase – only $18.00  for a 2 DVDs-set

Total running time :  6 hrs
1) The Family Economy – Reviving a 6000 Year Tradition!
2) The Solution to the Youth Milieu – Discipleship and Mentorship
3) Why Families Need Freedom to Build a Fruitful Legacy
4) Panel session – Challenges and Rewards of Family Economy


Bonus (not included in digital download): Special Music by Quintessence Ensemble.


To get it by mail: extra $2.50 for one set, $3.50 for two sets.  For more, please inquire.

We accept PAYPAL, cheque or cash.

Contact us for further instruction if you wish to purchase DVDs.  In the email, tell us:

  1. Number of DVDs set that you want
  2. Method of Payment
  3. Mail or pickup

Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for processing.