When it comes to something new, we all need help from those who have gone before us. They have “been there and done that”. Although family economics is nothing new (it has been practiced for 5900 years of human history), it has been forgotten since the Industrial Revolution. It is time to reclaim the loss and go back to the beautiful family design that God originally intended (and still intends) for us.

Here are some resources that would help you on this journey:

Family Economics US
A project of Generations with Vision, founded by Kevin Swanson.  They are the pioneers in family economics.  Each year in US, they organize large conference dedicated to promote and equip families to launch their own family businesses.  You will find DVDs, CDs and books that are extremely helpful in giving you the biblical vision as well as guiding you to take that first step in having your own family enterprise(s).  Highly recommended.

AME Program
AME stands for Apprenticeship, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship.  The best way for a young man to start his own business is to learn along an experienced, godly man.  AME Program connects young people who are interested in certain fields with Christian businessmen(mentor) who guide them on the right path.  Not only would the mentor show the apprentice how to run the business, but he would also constantly help the young man to develop godly characters and remind him that everything in the business is done to the glory of God.  AME also provides DVDs, CDs and courses to help anyone who would like to start his own business.